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The soft-hearted bull desires a partner by his side as often as possible, and the Aquarius woman is simply not that. On the plus side, both signs truly enjoy sexual intimacy and find it a highlight of their lives, even if their interest is aroused by drastically different behaviors.

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The opportunity for fulfillment and success is there, provided both sides put forth their best efforts. The Aquarius woman and Taurus man have zero desire for conflict and competition which makes working together with most signs a good experience. The bull delights in hard work, taking his tasks, and the money he makes, seriously so there will be no slacking off.


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The water-bearer certainly cares a great deal less about material things, but finds committing to work fulfilling in its own way. Whether alone or in a team you can expect the best from the bull, with even leadership and management performed well.

Taurus & Leo: Love Compatibility

Aquarius women generally have little desire for leadership except for the increased freedom it provides, so you are unlikely to see them jumping at the position. All in all, the water-bearer and bull make a fantastic and hard-working pair when they find themselves as co-workers.

Despite seeming perpetually at odds, the Aquarius woman and Taurus man can work their way towards the relationship of their dreams. Each sign has much to offer the other and invites balance into the lives of those who live at opposite ends of the spectrum. The patience of the Taurus man and his slow yet steady approach to life is often all the Aquarius woman needs to feel comfortable enough to settle down. She brings the light and excitement to his otherwise overly comfortable routines in their gentle exchange of give and take.

Taurus traits

So for those who take an interest in this difficult, but not impossible relationship, have faith in your love and dedication for it will not fail you. Psychic Readings. All Horoscopes. All Articles. Life Questions. Tarot Readers. Spiritual Readings. All Categories. Love Advice Articles. Psychic Advice Articles. Tarot Advice Articles. Spiritual Advice Articles. Astrology Advice Articles.

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    Taurus Male Traits

    The World Reversed Tarot Card. Related posts. How this Eclipse Will Affect…. What Your Summer Road Trip…. What Is An Astrology Reading…. When Leo feels consistently disrespected, as if their needs don't matter, it can become a fundamental problem in the relationship. Taurus , because of their mellow nature, sometimes finds Leo demanding or frustrating.

    Taurus compatibility

    Here's a couple that may argue all the time but still end up side by side in rockers on the porch. It doesn't always work, but friction can be a beneficial force in relationships. It's love with an edge, and that can keep a couple together for life. High points are pride in children and other shared creations. Taurus and Leo are a creative team when their formidable energies are diverted away from drama and squabbling.

    They thrive together when their shared intensity is used to manifest their dreams. With Taurus and Leo, communication is key. If both partners are open and honest with each other in expressing their feelings and their needs, it'll minimize conflict and reduce jealousy. When conversation gets heated, it's important for each sign to take a step back and assess things calmly. Though Taurus and Leo are both extremely passionate, and things between them can sometimes get out of control, they know how to apologize and make up. At the end of the day, the love between Taurus and Leo is hard to break.

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    • These hedonists love life, and they are proud of what they make together, whether it's a small craft project or an entire home. This resourceful pair knows how to work hard and play hard. Updated January 21, Continue Reading. LiveAbout uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience.

      taurus characteristics male compatibility Taurus characteristics male compatibility
      taurus characteristics male compatibility Taurus characteristics male compatibility
      taurus characteristics male compatibility Taurus characteristics male compatibility
      taurus characteristics male compatibility Taurus characteristics male compatibility
      taurus characteristics male compatibility Taurus characteristics male compatibility
      taurus characteristics male compatibility Taurus characteristics male compatibility

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