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The organism of a person born on this day might show tendencies for these ailments. A woman born today is loving by nature, loved too, she becomes the center of satisfaction and happiness. She constantly sacrifices for the sake of her loved ones — and that sacrifice does not stand out and goes unnoticed. However, she performs her family duties with happiness, no complaints, showing tact and diplomacy, avoiding irritation or impatience.

Not very precise in her household accounts, and not too passionate about handiwork.

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If your birthday is on October 14 your zodiac sign is Libra. Go to the next page and see most famous October 14 Birthdays. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

October 14 Zodiac – Accurate Birthday Personality Horoscope

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October 14th — zodiac sign If your birthday is on October 14 your zodiac sign is Libra. Birthday Personality — October 14 character : vigilant, shrewd, attentive, mean, imprudent, punctilious; profession : doorman, playwright, model; colors : cream, red, navy blue; stone : red emerald; animal : Tortoise; plant : Japanese holly; lucky numbers : 27,28,31,33,47,50 power lucky number : 12 October Related Posts.

October 14 Birthday Astrology

One Response. Liberty March 3, Gosh, I wish I would have had that inoromatifn earlier! Although these people can be versatile personalities, it is paradoxical that in their lives there is a constant journey that rarely derails from the primary path, and this is one characteristic that sets them apart from all other Libra people. Most of the Libra sign people often change their minds and derail from their paths. They see their lives as not only the necessary physical movement that is a symbol of the freedom of the spirit.

The negative aspect of the lives of these people can be seen in their passive behavior, and their passive and static lifestyle endangers their overall health. When we speak about the interpersonal relationships of the people born on this day, there is no doubt that they are able to love deeply, but it is more based on facts and in accordance with compatible temperament than it has to do with great emotions. Their big hearts do not go far from their head. It does not mean these people are calculated in any way but have enough life experience to know what that means.

It means that their lovers must be chosen in a way that these people are suitable for a long-term relationship, for marriage and children.

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In their personal life, they can be restricted entirely to a monogamous relationship, but they are often exposed to the danger of total isolation and sometimes the threat of subordination to the dominant personality. Because of the planetary influence that comes from Venus and Mercury marriage, these people born on October 14 are very charming and know how to conquer the person they like, and they have a special energy that is incredibly attractive to others. Libras who are born on October 14 are practical and intelligent, quick and have a good perception that can be used abundantly in their professions, whatever those professions can be.

As these humans are practical, they tend not to notice all those who have dreams, which are abstract and idealistic.

October 14th Zodiac Horoscope Birthday Personality - Libra - Part 2

There is not much romanticism and poetics about them — they like to do jobs that require concrete results and that are easy to understand, on top of that they wish to be awarded for their hard work, and the preferred material gain. Physical objects and material things do not attract them in some conventional way, but their home is often significant to them, which often replaces them with a job, and many of the representatives of this date lead their business from home, and they manage their family and business matters from one place, their homes.

Some representatives of this date should be in public life because the public service is exactly what will highlight the best in them; they can be motivational speakers, and during their work time they will come in contact with many people who will be able and willing to help them. When we are looking into the numerological symbolism that is behind a date October 14, we could say that persons born on this date are ruled by number 5, and the planet Mercury, that comes in combination with planet Venus that is a primary ruler of all Libras.

Mercury represents communication, rationality, analysis, adaptability and variability. It is through Mercury that we can better understand the world around us because it functions as a bridge between a person as an individual and the whole world. Venus mainly affects our social attitudes, behavior, sense of aesthetics and preferences — dominating relationships at every level. Venus strictly expresses our fundamental moral values and virtues, modesty, sincerity, beauty and happiness.

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The impact of this planet highlights the actively developed mental abilities of people born on October Following the influence of Venus with Mercury brings a distinctive sense of aesthetic value and charm. When Mercury and Venus meet, like in this combination, in people born on October 14 there is a need for words, spoken, and the need love must be shown. These humans are often very wise with the words, there are those who prefer to show someone how much he loves them with some gesture, gift, and they love the right words. Mercury here represents the mind, and the heart is represented by the Venus, and when they are united, it is all about the topic of love.

October 14 Zodiac: Libra
born on 14 october horoscope Born on 14 october horoscope
born on 14 october horoscope Born on 14 october horoscope
born on 14 october horoscope Born on 14 october horoscope
born on 14 october horoscope Born on 14 october horoscope
born on 14 october horoscope Born on 14 october horoscope
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