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The decans of Virgo

This is not a year for easy flings. So it will feel very much like Saturn is a party-pooper in your recreation sector.

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No one really likes Saturn here, but at least you can get very serious about creativity. Therefore you will be tested how well you express yourself through romantic encounters. What might well happen is that you find yourself attracting people who constantly challenge your identity or critique your artistic products. The temptation at this point is to withdraw from dating altogether, as it feels too much like hard work. What Saturn will then do is poke you in the back and place you in very fated situations. Around the time of Mars square Saturn on Jan 21 you will find that you keep running into that annoying person who rubs your ego up the wrong way!

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In Saturn will conjunct the South Node and you could meet a lover from the past who opens a can of worms from the past. It might actually be a nice kind of responsibility, like having a new baby! Whatever projects or people you take on at this time, it will cause you to have to place limits on leisure activities. Uranus enters Taurus for the second time and for good on Mar 6. Prepare for seven years of jet-setting or travel connected with higher learning. Jupiter is also in your 4th house of home for the whole year which could mean that you are either away from home a lot or that you make a lot of expansion to your home in terms of building work.

You might add an extension or add a bedroom into the loft. There is also the possibility that you need to upsize because of additional family members coming to stay or there is a baby on the way. With Saturn in the house of children, the responsibility of an extra child could be likely! Sometimes Saturn in the 5th means a parent becomes like a child and this is why one may have to find room in order to take care of them.

This caretaking of someone who is sick may happen when Jupiter squares Neptune which happens three times this year.

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The dates are: Jan 6, Jun 16 and Sep If it is not a child or a parent it could be a partner as Neptune is in your marriage house. For your Virgo Horoscope , Jupiter is pitching up his great big gaseous tent in your home sector. The self-cleansing action of the air-pump and watery Alkes will help to rejuvenate those with their Sun here. Virgo decan 3 sun, and Gemini decan 1 ascendent, the quotes from ancient texts are terrifying for both sun and ascendent, basically saying a life ending in ruin. I have Jupiter at 26 Virgo.

Virgo Decan 2 ~ Sep 3 to 12 (10º-20º)

A lot of what you say applies to me! When I was younger, I lived on my nerves, and I still waste energy worrying.

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I had a mostly successful career in IT, and used my left brain too much, at the expense of my right brain, even though I am left handed. I must say though, that for problem solving I used my right brain when and as appropriate. I married into money, though not deliberately. Strong financial security? Definitely not! Though I earned a fair bit, the money ran through my fingers like water!

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Probably because the only aspects to my Jupiter are squares. Did you notice that the pentacles on the Tarot card are drawn in the pattern of the sephiroth on the Tree of Life? Thank you for this one. Thanks for the feedback on this. I will be adding Jupiter and Saturn meanings eventually! What houses does Jupiter rule for you? Yep, we have been conditioned not to listen to our intuition. Hello there!

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Thank you you the work and the share. It is very interesting. But, although I am a third decan Virgo 17th Sept , I do not recognise mystery lf in this description. I am neither professionally successful not financially comfortable nor married in a wealthy family quote the opposite although we are not married but have children together , anyway… It is more the opposite. I also am not at all black or white. More in the middle, always seeking compromises between all possibilities in all areas of life. Always seeking new angles of view….

You are so much more than just your Sun sign! So yes it is normal not to be so true to this archetype. Maybe if you had a whole stellium here it would be a different matter. This is just one layer of the cake. If all the other layers are, say, chocolate, then your vanilla layer will be overwhelmed by all the others. For these decan ebooks, my job is to get the essence out of the separate ingredients. Then during a reading I look at the whole chart and show where this archetype may play out, if at all, and what is overpowering it!

What a terrific post, Marina! I now understand, not only my Jupiter at 26 Virgo, but a part of myself that I would never have looked for in the Virgo part of my chart.

Myth, Magic, Moons, Stars….

Dear Yawn…. To all Virgos …admit it and be nice to others…. Dear Yawn you suck, not Virgos……now fkk off and leave Marina to her work. Here we go again, yet another site degrading the Virgo into nothing more than just a grunt follower and a nobody.

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