Succedent houses astrology

The 2nd House

Actually, it shows what might be loosly termed as biological "energy". Sex is only one possible outlet. Another is rehabilitation. The Eighth House shows how well we can bounce back from ailments. Sex is what they want to know about. Look to this house to find out what "turns people on". Saturn, for instance, is controlled and controlling. Uranus is "kinky". Well, you can see the complete list in the section on Planets in the Houses.

The Eleventh House: is usually shrugged off in most books as being just "friends, hopes, and wishes".

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But all the succedent houses have to do with possessions, and this house is no exception. One of the most valuble things we can "possess" are friends. The Eleventh House is opposite the 5th house, which is our self-expression, what we are already enjoying. Our hopes and wishes. Also, since this house is right after the 10th house, it shows money we get directly from career.

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In the meantime, Saturn has fallen from his position off of the Descendant and into the cadent sixth house. The motion of these planets from a succedent house to an angular house before moving into a cadent house will repeat as the day goes on. Taking a moment to appreciate the astronomy behind the houses makes it easier to see why the concept of angularity in relation to house position is so important.

When viewed from earth, the sky is an ever-revolving sphere and the angles Asc, MC, Dsc, and IC are significant points where planets appear to shift direction. In any given chart, each planet will be at a different place in its diurnal cycle. This planet is really significant as it is the planet with the most power to bring about what it signifies. In nativities, this planet often shows areas of life with heightened activity or significance. In this chart, Mercury is the most angular planet, being only one degree away from the degree of the Midheaven.

The Sun is the second most angular planet also being placed in an angular house, but further from the angular degree than Mercury.

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Saturn is the next most angular planet after the Sun as he is conjoined the cusp of the succedent eighth house. Venus, Mars, and Jupiter are most angular following Saturn in that order until we reach the Moon who is the most cadent planet, having recently fallen from the degree of the Descendant. The second, fifth, eighth and eleventh houses are known as the Succedent houses, and are each ruled by a Fixed sign.

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The third, sixth, ninth and twelfth houses are known as the Cadent houses, and are each ruled by a Mutable sign. Their common characteristics include action and drive; they have initiative and strong motivation. The Fixed Signs dedicate themselves to seeing projects through to completion. Their common characteristics include determination and persistence; they are stable and self-reliant. The Mutable Signs are flexible, they're happy to fill an assigned role. Their common characteristics include adaptability and changeability; they are flexible and versatile. Gleaned variously from Astrology.

The houses are divisions of local space based one of a few coordinate systems, and are determined to have boundaries relative to their type of projection upon the zodiac -- the zodiac, Tropical or Sidereal or other, is merely used as a convenient measuring tool so that we can construct a flat, two-dimensional chart.


What I disagree on: Because of this, no house is ruled by any sign in terms of the angular houses being ruled strictly by the cardinal signs, the succedent houses by the fixed signs, and the cadent houses by the mutable signs. If any house is "ruled" by any sign then it would be logical that it be ruled by the sign that happens to be on its cusp.

The rest of your post can be seen as valid in general but not everyone would agree with it in total as there are several schools of thought relative to angles and houses and the strength of planets in various areas of the chart.

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This is not so for sport figures, doctors, musicians, businessmen, financiers and other notables who excelled in their field of endeavor. I'm not in any way trying to be argumentative here, but we have a lot of early-studies students here and we owe it to them to be as precise as we can relative to what we know for certain, what is generally accepted, what seems to work sometimes, what doesn't work very very and what is not at all acceptable or proven in any way.

Thanks Dave! Another way of looking at houses. Fulgour, I have strong feelings about signs I don't like to use them as a rule and mixed feelings about houses I use them to a degree but I do like the use of chart angles. Angles are areas where things happen.

Succedent houses

But, I digress. We are born. We have spent several dark, warm months during which we became aware of somethings, but then, we were born. A sudden experience of some consequence! Our awareness level and inputs multiply across a wide spectrum. Lets consider the consequences of experiencing just astrological inputs. Two minutes after we are born, the Moon arises over the horizon.

The "pull" and flow of feelings and basic body responses that we felt in the womb are now magnified upon our independant body. We need everything, we respond greatly to every feeling and local stimuli -- all of a sudden we are alive in a way we weren't before. Two hours later Mars pops up. Energy, the need to express ourselves and struggle against blankets.

Wake up. We have three diverse inputs I didn't mention we were born late in the afternoon, so the Sun is present ; Mars, just up; Moon, which we are getting used to; and Sun, which seems to be a comforting, stabelizing thing. Then, disaster. The Sun disappears. We are subject to needs and bodily functional happenings, everything about us, around us now takes up all our attention.

The "comfort" has gone.

Houses of the Zodiac - Overview

Panic, confusion. We struggle with our new Mars energy, angry at the things that bother us. Neptune slips into view. We don't notice. But, we find that a quietude seems to grow around us, the inputs of heat, softness, comfort, light, -- they all difuse and we rest. After a couple of sleep periods, Moon disappears and with it the flurry of responses.

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Succedent houses astrology

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