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LOVE: Romance will be difficult this week as emotions appear to dominate. LOVE: Romance holds a few challenges as your patience will be tested. LOVE: This is a constructive and enjoyable week for love. LOVE: Romance will be on a tricky for a cross-section of people. Know your weekly horoscope for the week of April 8th to April 14th, LOVE: To have peace in your love life, zip your lips.

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LOVE: There is a threat to your current status this week; just be patient! LOVE: Your love life can show you some stress. Be patient! LOVE: You may find a perfect match for upgrades and lifelong commitments. LOVE: Romance will be on the peak.

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Paired ones will make long life commitments. LOVE: This is a very good week for love as there are many good aspects waiting.

Virgo September 2019: The Big Reveal Virgo ❤

LOVE: Romance does well for people who are single and looking for the upgrade. September 2nd — 9th, Virgo planets trine the benefics: Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are all activated this week through Venus and Mercury. Many shifts in relationships are possible through communication and insight. Inspiration comes August 19th — 25th, Virgo Season is upon us: time to get back to school, work on our daily routines, focus on the daily struggle, and get through the last half of the year.

Virgo season is calling!

Virgo horoscopes for the last 90 days

I know its not quite the start of Virgo Birthdays yet, but it is the start of all the planets rolling into Virgo. Mars, the ruler of Aries, leads the way We have now come through Cancer season, the Mercury Retrograde, and the Jupiter retrograde, arriving at the last half of The energy and drive to move forward arrive once again, pushing us towards elevation, After months of Jupiter in Retrograde since April of this year, to be exact , we have this planet moving forward once again!

Ah, what a week! Jupiter finally goes direct, Mercury enters Leo again, and Uranus goes retrograde, softening the intense changes signified by this planet. Your birthday season is upon us, and we are all, oh so joyful. If you were born between July 23rd and August 2nd, this birthday horoscope is for you! Let the feels truly begin. If going though Mercury Retrograde was already fucking up your life, wait till it enters Cancer. From now until August, you will have a wonderful chance to process all your If your birthday is between July 13th and July 22nd, this birthday horoscope was written specifically for you!

This is a look ahead at your year, courtesy of our resident astrologer, Astrosagas. Full Moon Eclipse in Capricorn. Capricorn is the sign of self-mastery and actualization, so This week starts off with a lunar eclipse in Capricorn and ends with Mercury, in retrograde, going into Cancer. Hay pues! Will the drama ever end?

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No, not really! Mercury Retrograde is here again. This week sets the tone for months to come A daring and impulsive week with a Full Moon shines its light on the Mister Virgo is most driven to help others, and it shows in the depth of their relationships. Zodiac Predictions Virgo.

The Month Ahead for Virgo

Uncategorized Zodiac Predictions Virgo. Scorpio Week 1 - You give proper attention to or even say the words a love interest wants to hear. Pisces Week 1 - A lovely haze surrounds a love affair. Aquarius You hate feeling controlled.

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Sagittarius Week 1 - Your imagination runs rampant, and it's putting extra spin on a promise made to your partner - the boundaries of truth can stretch, be aware of just how far Leo Week 1 - Surrender and prepare. Libra You've been itching for a change.

Cancer Week 1 - You talk about love with the physical gestures to match. Gemini Week 1 - You rehash a love affair that went wrong, or you win over a new love interest with sassy, sexy talk.

virgo horoscope archive Virgo horoscope archive
virgo horoscope archive Virgo horoscope archive
virgo horoscope archive Virgo horoscope archive
virgo horoscope archive Virgo horoscope archive
virgo horoscope archive Virgo horoscope archive
virgo horoscope archive Virgo horoscope archive

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